This message will self destruct in 48 hours…

Or it’ll just be obsolute.

I’m getting a weekend and I’ve got big plans. Moving to New York has been a whirlwind. I’ve never done anything as impulsive as this. Got a job offer, quit my other two, tossed a ton of stuff (by no means all my stuff though) into some bags and boxes and was on my way here in less than 36 hours.

I’ve been biding my time for chances to hop on my roomie’s (aka sister) laptop to post (without spellcheck or image editing tools) these last 2 weeks. This weekend I’m hoping to make all the construction updates I’ve been promising. Plus, I have so many new topics!

Although…I totally want to just go walking aimlessly, too! You just find things that way. One night I was on the subway home and I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop but the two were kind of animated and hard to ignore. I tried to mind my own damn business but then, all of a sudden, the word “Vegan” was spoken and my ears just perked up.

The girl was mentioning something about her shoes being vegan. The guy countered with something about the style being ironic. I hopped into the conversation but I couldn’t care less about how ironic her shoes were. They were cute…and vegan! And these two people (or maybe just the girl) were vegan! I tried to ask her about some good places to go but, as encounters in the city go, the doors opened for their stop. As she hopped of the car, she apologized for having to go and said, “Thank you for being vegan.” Funny that I’m not quite, though.

However, meeting her, even if only briefly, made me smile that night. Possibilities…


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