If fruits are my drugs, I’ve found my new dealers.

The Skinny Bitches are on to something: if you don’t eat crap, you’ll be skinnier. My Subway salad only runs 150 calories because I add the little cup of dressing. The veggies themself are only around 50 calories. You could probably eat a freaking cornucopia of fruits and vegetables for what’s in a cupcake. But let’s not get carried away and swear off cupcakes altogether. That would be craziness!

I also emphasized fruits and vegetables cause, if you’re anything like me, you might get carried away more with the former. I never really have to think twice about eating a piece of fruit. Forget Bella, it’s fruit that is like a drug to me. And I’ve found my new dealers: Three Guys From Brooklyn at 6502 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn, New York.

I just happened to go by this place, but one look at the price signs…and the variety…and I was hooked. Next time I’m out that way, I’m stocking up. They have a huge variety of both dietary staples. Now, the fact that not everything is organic would be Skinny Bitch unapproved. When you’re on a budget, though, you have to consider the strides you’ve already made by choosing fruits and vegetables over other alternatives, whether they be meats or sweet treats.


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