Raise your hand if you’re one of those crazy vegetarians!

Not really one for going to the same place and getting the same thing, but sometimes it a necessity. The local Subway was pretty much the healthiest and most cost-effective meal choice whenever I would forget or be too busy to pack my lunch/dinner.

logo copyright Subway

Pretty much whenever I go, it’s a Veggie Delite Salad with Sweet Onion Dressing on the side. I ask for no cheese and pretty much every veggie. [The Veggie Delite traditionally comes as a hoagie, I just ask for it as a salad to save calories and get more veggies (Yummy!).]

When I went on Sunday, one of the woman had made my order and I was paying her at the register when a father and son came in. The other young lady behind the counter apparently knew the father didn’t eat meat, noted that aloud, then went to change her gloves. The father actually told her not to bother because he wasn’t one of those crazy vegetarians.

As a joke, I immediately raised my hand high and said, “I am,” because when I’m ordering I also make two other requests: for the maker to wear new gloves and to not even bother using a knife on anything. Just toss the veggies in the bowl.

It’s funny cause for a long time, when people would confuse me for being vegan, I would always reply, ‘Oh, no, I’m not vegan. They’re crazy.’ Now, I’ve run into so many problems with seemingly vegetarian items containing actual meat products, i.e. rennet, that I’ve taken a strong gleen to vegan items.

If you’re looking for other veggie options, since they offer different breads, sauces, and veggies, you can mix and match. If your area offers a Veggie Patty Hoagie, there’s another option.

What’s nice is that a $5 footlong is the same whether in New York City or a PA suburb. Whenever I do get a hoagie though, I request that they don’t use a knife that they may have cut a prepared sandwich with. That’s because one time someone used the same knife as they’d used to cut a tuna hoagie with, and then there were actual bits of tuna in my sandwich.

Recently I saw a commercial for a new sandwich of the month. It had meat on it, of course, but I wonder if Subway will have a sandwich of the month aimed at hardcore veggie lovers? Something creative…and meatless? Come on! You can do Subway!


3 thoughts on “Raise your hand if you’re one of those crazy vegetarians!

    1. Yeah, Rufus, I was reading something about that too. Thanks for reading even if you’re not a veggie. And for the record, I visited your blog…and I plan to make a few of your dishes vegetarian/vegan cause they looked good. So thanks again!

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