Unfortunate Run In With The Worst Vegan Muffin Ever

This morning I had the worst vegan pastry/dessert I’d ever tasted. Actually, it was probably the worst muffin in general. I’d gotten a brownie by Healthy Delights and, even though it was kind of dense, it still tasted good. So I was excited this morning to see this brand’s Vegan Blueberry Oat Bran Muffin Cake in Morton Williams Supermarket on a pit stop before work. Now, I realize that bran has a unique taste, but that’s not it. Whoever was in charge of this batch must have gotten distracted when pouring in the potato or tapioca flour. There was an awful starchy taste. I’m not necessarily going to refuse to try any of their other products, but this particular muffin is off my list.


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