Scavenger Chinese Wraps

Just after lunchtime yesterday, a manager came by the cubicles and told others and myself that there was left over Chinese takeout in the conference room. He said we were welcome to have some.

Even those who had already eaten lunch jumped up to, at least, check out what was there. I was the last to get up. I debated even bothering because I was sure there would be nothing. Since I hadn’t gone for lunch yet, I thought, ‘What the hell. Why not?’

A lot of the food was unlabeled and really picked over…but beggars can’t be choosers. I could tell a lot of it was full of meaty bits.

I looked around and managed to find an unopened carton of white rice (and took half), a carton of mu shu pancakes (and took two), a few bags of veggies, still tied up untouched (I was surprised they were there, but that they were not touched was not surprising), and packets of duck and soy sauces.

I always hate the double edge of free food at work cause you are getting something for nothing but you always have to wonder if it’s worth it. I always feel guilty asking all my questions, which I generally don’t when I’m the one shelling out the dough for it. However, in this case…Voila! Healthy-ish, free chinese lunch!


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