Don’t Panic! Westerly Is Just Closed for Renovations

While walking to another destination, I found Westerly Natural Market . I got there and completely ditched my original plan. [That’s New York City for you!] That was Friday, February 25th. The place is amazing! It’s like New York’s, just off Broadway, counterpart to Philadelphia’s, just off South Street, Essene Market…only more packed together! Both markets have their extras, but they both specialize in large varieties of vegan and vegetarian foods (though neither are exclusively so).

However, when I tried to go back on Monday afternoon, the typically opened early (around 6am) and closed late (around midnight) Westerly had its gates down. The sign read they were having electrical issues. Apprently the problem hasn’t been fixed and now the market is anticipating further renovations.

I walked by yesterday and stopped to read the new renovations sign on the door when an older woman stopped me to ask if I knew anything about it. I tried to suggest Ernest Klein’s International Market a few block over, but she replied, ‘Whole Foods is right around the corner. I can just go there. But I prefer Westerley.’ So, to keep yourself updated, if you’re a fan like me and that woman, view their website periodically for when they remove the renovation notice.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Panic! Westerly Is Just Closed for Renovations

  1. I just walked 10 blocks from work to Westerly during my lunch break to pick up some tasty snacks, only to find it closed. I was not a happy lady. 😦 Hopefully they re-open soon.

    1. If you need some other options, I’ve gotten some vegan/vegetarian goods from Morton Williams Supermarket at 225 W 57th Street and at Klein Ernest & Co Supermarket 1366 Avenue of the Americas. Not as good but somewhere for in the meantime. All else fails, there’s the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle.

  2. What’s odd is that they didn’t give their customers much prior warning. I’m a regular who shops there on average 2-3 times a week, and I was totally blindsided by this closure. Yes, there’s Whole Foods in the neighborhood… but I do wish they had let us know a bit sooner, so we could have shopped to suit!

    1. I don’t think it was planned. They had had some electrical problems over a week ago and I think the problem was much more extensive than they realized when they’d put up the original closed sign and it changed to full on renovations a couple of days later.

      I feel bad for the owners. The money they must be hemorrhaging due to all this.

      I’m just happy I found the place before this all happened. I may not have given it a second thought if it had been closed when I’d first passed by. Now I eagerly await their reopening.

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