Snatch Up Deal Chipotle’s Not Leaving Vegans Out Of

One of my new coworkers has a fun weekly tradition: Chipotle Fridays. This Friday’s going to be even sweeter with Chipotle’s Buy One, Get One coupon Facebook offer! In an “unconventional use of social media,” Just for watching (or even just playing) a roughly 90 second preview for America’s Next Great Restaurant, you gain access to the coupon. Hurry though cause you only have until 3/6/2011 to access the coupon and 10 days from when you access it to use it.

logo copyright Chipotle Mexican Grill

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, Chipotle’s got you covered. Check out their Special Diet Information, Menu, and Nutritional Information for all the details. Some dining options for include

I’ve got to give Chipotle props. While I will me emailing them to confirm how their chips and hard shells are cooked, that they know the type of rennet in their cheeses and are willing to admit that their pinto beans have bacon in them is quite respectable.

Some vegan/vegetarian options include:

  • A Burrito with black beans (not to be confused with the pinto beans), rice, and guacamole (which should be gelatin free because it is supposed to be fresh made), with any other vegetables they offer. (Vegan)
  • Above Burrito with sour cream and cheese. (Vegetarian)
  • Burrito Bowl, like the vegan or vegetarian options above.
  • Or a Salad. (Vegetarian)
  • Get the Salad with salsa instead of chipotle-honey vinaigrette and it’s a tasty vegan option.

So if you can’t make it a Chipotle Friday, how about a Chipotle Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday…you get the idea. Just snatch up the coupon in case.


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