Open Call: Tell me of a vegan nail salon!

I went to get my nails done Sunday. Oh, I know, I sound so prissy. But I had never had my nails done in my life. I’ve always done them myself. Working at a cosmetics store, nail polish is something we sell and our nails are a part of our appearance…a part I’ve paid little attention to. Since everyone always talks about the experience.

Something in the back of my mind told me, no matter how rushed I felt, to check the ingredients before I had the woman put it on. It was a light pastel blue polish by Essie. The first ingedient to catch my eye was Gaunine. Since I’m used to searching for Carmine, I was avoiding purples and reds.

A friend sent me a link to’s 6 Most Horrfying Ingredients in Everyday Cosmetics.

  • #2 Guanine aka Fish scales

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for the colorant number, Cl75170. I ended up going with white. Thought it was the safest bet. But it’s got me thinking, What other animal, fish, or insect products or by-products might be in other nail care products? Do vegan nail salons even exist? If you know, let me know! One thing is for sure, vegan nail polishes do exist! Now after my recent trip to New York City, I am the proud owner of two from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Souse (cause I couldn’t resist being able to where purple and know it’s vegan) and Echo, both new colors. Reasonably priced at $8 a bottle…versus $9 or $9.50 for OPI.

Also check out:

Vegan Outfitters

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