Blackbird Pizzeria: My New Drunken Delight

While I’ve now visited Blackbird Pizzeria, an entirely vegan pizzeria, I’m not crossing it off of my wishlist…cause I want to go back many times in the future. An acquaintance told me about this place a few weeks ago. (Thank you Jonathan!) Since I was going to be in the city around lunchtime, I made stopping by my mission. (Yes, that means I google mapped it…cause I’m either really lame or really smart.)

When I’d first walked by, I was a little hesitant as to what I’d be walking into. I made a little run to Essene, a few blocks over, and when I came back, the facade still looked…I don’t want to say unwelcoming cause the sign design is very pretty, but that I couldn’t see into the place was a little offputting. I tried the door anyway. Once I saw PETA’s Ringling Bros. Protest Handouts on a shelf, I knew I was in the right place. I opened the internal glass door and was really impressed with the decor…and the pizza.

There were four types of pizzas already made. Rather than just Cheese or Pepperoni, which I’m sure are really good, I decided to go crazy and ordered a slice of the Yukon and (I think) the South Philly. (I know; I’m a pig.) Since I was on my way to Philabundance, I didn’t get to sit and enjot my slices…but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy them. I must have been a sight walking down the street hoovering large slices of pizza. But I didn’t care.

For both, I could hear that little crunch when I bit into the crust, which (between you and me) is the best. It means it’s not too hard or too soft. Also, since I was eating on the go, I appreciated how the pizza wasn’t dripping with oil. (I wasn’t much concerned with the calories because I was too busy enjoying myself, so it would have sucked to have been interrupted by some messy runoff.)

The potatoes on the Yukon were sliced very thin, and tasted smooth and buttery. It actually reminded me of a hearty crepe.

The South Philly was just crazy. Piled with toppings, I actually had to fold it in half to keep everything on. It was sweet, salty, and tart all at the same time. (Both were really good, and you can’t really compare the two cause they’re really different, but the South Philly now has a little place in my heart. I think it’s cause I love a mesh of tastes, a lot of things going on…and this style has major A.D.D.)

The price isn’t bad either. Between $2.50 and $3.75 a specialty slice is pretty comparable to other area pizzerias…except here you don’t have to worry about what the ingredients came from.

That isn’t even the most important thing. Sometimes, when eating foods without animal ingredients meant to imitate the original, like vegan cheese or sausage, we like them for being close enough. I’ve eaten many slices of pizza throughout my life, believe me, but these slices, on taste alone, were two of the best I’ve ever tasted. Next time I’m out late and need a pizza fix at the end of the night, this will be my go to. (Actually, since they close at 10pm Monday through Saturday, I’ll have to think ahead. Sorry Lorenzo’s.)

The guy behind the counter (which reminds me that next time I do have to get names and pictures of the peeps that make this place go because they are now some of my fave people on the planet) told me that Blackbird Pizzeria has only been open since September. Check out their menu because they serve sandwiches and salads as well.

An added bonus, (as if you needed one atop of vegan pizza) is that they serve Vegan Treats! Keep in mind that their dessert deliveries are on Thursday. So, if you’re meandering your way down South Street or, hell, if you’re any where in the city, make the trip. You won’t regret it.

Blackbird Pizzeria, 507 s 6th Street, philadelphia, pa 19147

3 thoughts on “Blackbird Pizzeria: My New Drunken Delight

  1. *sigh* I’m getting ready to go to bed and now I have to go to bed hungry! – you made this sound too, too good.
    That’s it! – we’re now on a mission to find this place’s doppelganger in Boston. The Great Vegan Pizza Match of 2011 is on!

  2. Yeah, I’ve eaten at Peace o Pie before (amazing brunch) but never had the pizza, strangely enuff. That was to be my ace in the hole that I had planned, but you cleverly blew my cover. Nevertheless, I’ll be posting ’bout them soon enough and we can compare notes.

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