Waste not!

Since I’d opened a small jar of Reese Marinated Artichoke Heart to top on my Vegan Pita Pizza the other day, but didn’t use the liquid, I had a choice. I’m not really one for wasting; I prefer to get creative.

So instead of pouring the leftove down the drain, I sliced up some mushrooms and poured the artichoke juice over them. (Yes, I know the liquid is where all the leftover sodium and fat lives, but it’s so good.) Then I popped them in the microwave for 3 minutes with a Boca Original Vegan Patty on the plate as well. Both take in the liquid as they cook and it adds a different flavor to your typical mushrooms and soy patty. Actually, if I’d had a kaiser bun and a slice of Vegan Mozzarella, um yeah, good eats even better.

In the past, I’ve added the leftover juice from a jar of banana peppers to my Boca (vegan) or Morningstar Farms (vegetarian) Crumbles. Why not? If it contains the flavoring of one thing you like, why not marinade or sautee that into something else you like?


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