A little healthy to wash down my not so healthy.

I ate most of this yummy Vegan Peanut Butter Fudge Bar at my work station. Sweet mid-day meal replacement, albeit not the healthiest. (P.S. little nod to Philly, top left corner)

Just ate a big salad before running back to work cause I had nearly a whole 12oz Vegan Peanut Butter and Fudge Bar from my local Whole Foods.

The ingredients are peanut butter, vegan margarine, confectioner’s sugar, chocolate, and soymilk. Man I wish they had the calorie counts on their prepared foods so I could know how much I’m eating. (But I’d still eat it anyway!)

If your Whole Foods doesn’t make this sweet treat, request that they do. They are really good. And if you don’t have a Whole Foods around, here’s a recipe for the bottom peanut butter part and a recipe for the chocolate part on top that are similar so you can make these bars at home. (Heck! Even though I can get these, I’ll probably try to make them too! Let me know how these recipes work out for you if you beat me to it though!)

[Note to self (and anyone who is actually reading this): I need to stop writing things as I’m running out the door. Or else I end up doing things like using the word ‘mayo’ when I mean margarine. Ha! It has been corrected.]


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