Girl Crush Alert: Lea Michele

If you're not watching GLEE, this is what you're missing.

GLEE is one of the most transcendent shows in years. Whether you like classic rock or hip hop, there’s a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for everyone. It’s the high school, comedy/teen drama that could.

In a case of either life imitating art or art imitating life, Lea Michele’s character, Rachel Berry, is a vegan as well. [Brought up  in true GLEE style towards the end of season one when Berry gets egged by a rival glee club.]

Talking about her vegan diet in the June 2010 issue of Women’s Health magazine, Michele said she has “always had a problem eating meat,” and gave up dairy as well after reading Skinny Bitch. However, “she still eats fish, but laments, ‘I feel bad about it because fish are animals too.'”

Not above nudging others to join her, she admitted in an an interview with Access Hollywood to buying cupcakes for her fellow cast and crew members and not telling them they were vegan until after the fact. “See! You can eat vegan food,” she joked.

For the love of animals, the New York girl and Broadway alumna, joined PETA to campaign against horsedrawn carriages. For this one she kept her clothes on. Considering some of her recent photo shoots…despite criticisms from parents…I foresee an “I’d rather go naked” campaign ad in Ms. Michele’s future.


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