(S)EXPLORATION: Vegan Aphrodisiacs

Get in the mood

Dun dun dun. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. If you’re feeling the pressure of the holiday, running around trying to find the perfect gift or outfit or to make the perfect plans to show someone you love them…STOP! Take a breath. Maybe even check out History.com for more on the day some have come to love…and dread.

Maybe even get yourself in the mood with a special little treat. The jury is still out on aphrodisiacs…but give them a try and see for yourself. Judging from Gourmet Sleuth, vegans and vegetarian have a green light…most are fruits and vegetables. Whip something special up…or enjoy them in the raw.

If there’s a chocolate lover in your life, maybe try some vegan truffles. Whole Foods handed out a simple truffle recipe! So mix some together for your love!…or for your own love of chocolate! (It’s okay to be a little selfish.)

Go the extra mile by taking a crack at these!

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