(S)EXPLORATION: Vegetarian/Vegan Dating Sites

Fun to talk about the naughty bits, but how exactly do you get there? I mean, I know how you get there, but what if you want there to be something more after?

I’m pretty adamant that I NEED someone who lives like me. I’ve dated carnivores, and it’s a headache. And I can’t be alone. I mean really, I can’t be alone on this when the tagline of VeganDating.org is, “Have you ever dated someone who was not a vegan? It’s such a HEADACHE!” It’s not just my own personal headache; I’m sure there’s a communal ache for all involved. Although, there’s a little something else that goes along with watching someone consume a hamburger and realizing the same mouth will be kissing you later.

Okay, most people don't wear signs.

I hate the idea of throwing the baby out with the bathwater; I’ve turned down some pretty great guys because of their carnivorous ways. If you’re in a relationship and have ways to make it work, ‘Oh won’t you tell me how?’ For the rest of us, how do you find someone? People don’t wear signs like, “I’m vegetarian.” I don’t really have the best V-ADAR (not to be confused with Vader, Darth). Not even in a vegetarian or vegan restaurant can you be guaranteed to strike up a conversation with someone like-minded.

Online dating may be an answer (I won’t say thee answer.) Check out these other sites and see for yourself!

Search vegan and/or vegetarian dating for more.


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