(S)EXPLORATION: Vegan Condoms?

Proof gain that we take for granted the things we rely on: condoms. We know that every time we engage in sexual activity we should wrap it up. It was probably drilled into your brain in an embarrassing high school ritual known as Sex Ed.

Don't lie. You're a GLEEk.

If not, that’s okay; you probably learned about everything, including the consequences, from some primetime teen drama. Anyone remember Dawson’s Creek? How about Secret Life of the American Teenager? The airwaves are inundated with suggestive images.

However, how many people know how condoms are made?

Apparently, condoms are widely manufactured with a milk derivative known as casein. Who’d have thought? So, if you’re okay with dairy, there’s no issue. Some aren’t though. Non-dairy consumers have created a demand for vegan condoms, and companies are answering.

Sir Richard's (Vegan) Condom Company

A fairly new company, Sir Richard’s, sprung up (it’s okay, you can giggle) around this time last year, and their “condoms are made from 100% natural latex and without the dairy product casein.” The company is not only getting press for being vegan, but also for their philanthropic work. Essentially, for every condom purchased, they will donate a condom.

According to Glyde Condoms, though, a vegan condom manufacturer whose headquarters are located in Australia, “it turn[s] out the use of casein in fact is unnecessary and can be substituted with a vegitable extract taken from the thistle family with out comprimising the manufacturing process.”

For those who may be pessimistic that vegan condoms are as effective as those more common, like Trojan, Sir Richard’s insists that “Each one of our condoms… is electronically tested for safety and reliability as approved by the FDA.”

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, here is a link for more information and another for your preparation. Cue up the Marvin Gaye…

And when the man says, "Let's Get It On," be sure to take that as 'Put It On.'

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