Christian Serratos of Twilight stripped down for a cause.

PETA can be pretty racy. Celebrities, from Pam Anderson to Steve-O, have bared all for PETA’s I’d Rather Go Naked advertisements. But PETA’s hit a new high (or low dependent upon your take on the situation). Their proposed Super Bowl commercial, ‘Veggie Love,’ was banned by NBC for being to sexual. NBC’s concerns include:

  • licking pumpkin
  • touching her breast with her hand while eating broccoli
  • pumpkin from behind between legs
  • rubbing pelvic region with pumpkin
  • screwing herself with broccoli (fuzzy)
  • asparagus on her lap appearing as if it is ready to be inserted into vagina
  • licking eggplant
  • rubbing asparagus on breast
  • PETA is riding this wave of controversy by posting its “Casting Session” for the advertisement. The site, I’ll wager intentionally, resembles a porn site. You can watch videos of the ladies have a little fun with various vegetables, and also vote for your favorites. Maybe Brittany, Maggie, or…Joey?


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