Doctored Up Domino’s: Veggies Make the Best Medicine

If I order pizza out, which is rare, I mainly order from Domino’s Pizza because they’re the most forthcoming with their ingredients. To save any worrying, I order thin crust. 1) It has no whey so I don’t have to worry about animal rennet contact; 2) it has fewer calories. I also stopped even bothering with the cheese. According to someone at Whole Foods, enzymes are safe for vegetarians; they are not the same as rennet. Cutting the cheese, no pun intended, cuts the calories, and you can taste the sauce more too. On the topic of sauces, do not opt for the Hearty Marinara Sauce; it has chicken fat and juices in it. Stick with the Pizza Sauce. With so much left off, some might wonder, ‘Why bother?’ Well, if you’re day has taken just way too much out of you, forking over the money to have someone else bake your crust might just be worth it.

Lazy Super Bowl Fare...Vegetarian Style

This past Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday, my family was together and we order Domino’s 5-5-5 deal. While the carnivores shared their Hand Tossed pizzas with Bacon, Pepperoni, and Sausage, I got my thin crust, no cheese with half black olives and half jalapenos all to myself. Even though there was physically less to my pizza, it was still yummy. I ate half as it was, then felt a little creative. First, I added Boca Ground Crumbles and Vegan Grated Topping to the jalapeno side to tone down the heat. Then I added Roasted Red Peppers, Mild Banana Peppers, Ground Sea Salt, Crushed Red Pepper, and more Vegan Grated Topping to the black olive side. Since both my peppers came from jars, I let a little of the extra juices sop into the crust. You can doctor up your pizza any way you want or, at least, with whatever you have at hand. Have some fun with your food!


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