Backstory on Vegan Marshmallows

Sweet and Sara posted yesterday a video on their Facebook page of their 2007 appearance on CNBC’s Business Nation. Since I was just writing about my search for a vegan/vegetarian gelatin substitute on Wednesday, this was a great video to watch and know what these ladies went through. And then it made me realize…’There were three years I could have been eating vegan marshmallows!’ But I had no idea people were wishing for the same things as me…and actually doing something about it.


2 thoughts on “Backstory on Vegan Marshmallows

  1. Hey Sarah, they say that it turned out they were not veggie / vegan! Do you know if anyone has succeeded in producing a truly veggie marshmallow?

    1. Hey, Ben, I apologize. The link I had posted was only a portion of the segment. The new links contain the whole segment. Sweet and Sara is vegan! The company won the VegNews award in 2006 for product of the year. Another brand to consider is Dandies; they may be more readily available. Whole Foods does stock them.

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