Who Needs Cheese? Make an Ellen Pizza.

When I took voice lessons in high school, my vocal instructor encouraged me to cut out the dairy. Milk products increase mucus production which gets in the way and makes you (by you, I mean me, but maybe you too) sound nasal. I wasn’t vegetarian until just after I was through with high school, so it was considered weird. Okay, it’s still considered weird. Anyway, I love it. When ordering pizza out, though, some places’ dough does contain dairy products, like Domino’s, 3 of their 4 types of crusts contain whey (a product I’m still on the fence about). And, if you’re a vegetarian with celiac disease, be wary of Uno Chicago Grill‘s gluten-free pizza because it contains gelatin. Or…make your own.

I couldn’t find the recipe on her website. It’s just fun to watch. I love the attention she’s bringing to meat-free life styles! Perfect Ellen Pizza!

Seriously, though, here’s some links to recipes. Have fun!

Vegan Pizza Dough (food.com)

Vegan/Vegetarian Pizza (food.com)

Vegan Pizza Dough (vegweb.com)

And let me know what works for you!


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