“Skinny Bitch,” more than just a dieting book?

So I’ve avoided Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin because I don’t read dieting books. The things some recommend are absurd to me. Wheatgrass and grapefruit diets?  No thank you! I don’t eat meat, count calories every day, and try to get moderate exercise. I’m not magazine perfect, but I’m good.

However, a brand representative was talking in the break room about not consuming artificial sweeteners and she mentioned she’d gotten her information from Skinny Bitch. I rolled, literally, rolled my eyes at the mention of the book. She was surprised to find that I hadn’t read it because the authors apparently encourage a vegan diet. Then I was surprised. I came home and searched for some information on the book.

After watching some video interview with the authors, I started thinking that maybe it’s more than a dieting book. Ok, so know I guess I have to read this thing, and we shall see. Until I get through with it, here’s one of the videos that convinced me to give it a try.


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