Birthday Vegan Treats In Bethlehem

Visited August 2010

So, I went to Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA back in August. (Happy Birthday to me!) It may seem silly to have traveled hours just to go to a bakery, but I’d been hearing so much about the place, I had to check it out. Since I’d picked up a Vegan Treat sticky bun at Govinda’s Gourmet-to-go on South and Broad Streets in Philadelphia, I thought I would finally give Vegan Treats some props.


I actually found out that the bakery delivers to businesses more local to me by going there and asking some questions. In my conversation with the girl working there that day, I told her I was from around Philadelphia and she told me about the deliveries and even let me look at the contact book. It’s from this visit that I was clued into Govinda’s and, another fave, Mugshots.

Taking a pic was an afterthought; these were devoured.

Hey, it was my birthday...and I did share with two other people.

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