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Take Two a Day And See Me At the Festival

Here’s a list of 12 vendors/organizations I am looking forward to most at the 2012 NYC Vegetarian Food Festival:

Chicago Soy Dairy – Had their Teese last year but can’t find it anywhere locally.

Saratoga Peanut Butter Company – I hope they bring their Gingerbread variety.

Bixby Co – Just so curious; I want to try a Bixby bar.

Vegan Bodega – First of its kind in NYC; picked me up some Vegan Queso at the Valentine’s Shop Up a couple weekends ago and I want to see what other goodies they’re gonna stock.

Herbivore Clothing – If I could get a “My body is not a graveyard” sweatshirt, that would be very cool.

Vaute Couture – Leanne has donated one of her beautiful coats to the festival’s raffle(s) to benefit For the Animals Sanctuary. Her coats and tees are loved by celebrities like Emily Deschanel, Alicia Silverstone, and Ginnifer Goodwin. Vaute Couture will only be at the festival on Saturday because the flagship store is opening in Brooklyn on Sunday. Congratulations, Leanne! I’m hoping the “Let’s Widen the Circle” tank will be available in my size at the festival. If not, I’ll be sure to pop by 234 Grand Street in Brooklyn!

Common Ground Center (Vermont) – Jim and Carole were so sweet when I met them at the Green Holiday Festival; hope to see them again!

Mercy For Animals – Picked up one of my most favorite tees at last year’s festival and got the chance to chat with Eddie, who is always wonderful. I’ll never be able to watch one of their videos, though.

Compassion Over Killing – They rock it co-organizing the D.C. VegFest and tirelessly working for animals. Hoping to finally meet Erica Meier and Katie Shamp.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – On the seas, this society’s efforts are documented in the Emmy-nominated reality series Whale Wars. On shore volunteers are integral to the society’s efforts. Be sure to chat with them to find out more.

CLLCTV – With Dan Mims (The Ethical Man) and Megan Rascal ( on staff, I’m curious to find out more.

Vegan Cuts – Partnering with companies to bring you deals on vegan products.

Vegan Cuts: Sprout Skincare

This one’s for men and women! If you have chapped lips (who doesn’t during the winter season?), you’ll love these lip balms from Sprout Skincare. I grabbed up two (Citrus and Cinnamon) at the 1st ever Green Holiday Festival held by USVegCorp in NYC this past December. With shipping, they’ll come to around $17 ($4.25 a tube) for the tin. You have just over a day to snatch up this deal closing EOD 02/20/2012.

Shout Out Addendum: Never Give Me a Mic

Last night I attempted to do a shout out for the Green Holiday Festival…epic fail…at this month’s Vegan Drinks. I kind of got tripped up on the question, “What do they get for $20?” Honestly, I didn’t really know what to say. Once I saw the Green Holiday Festival, and that it was being organized by the ladies behind the 1st NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, I was like, ‘Where do I sign up to help?’ I had such an amazing time last April…even with the 3+ hour wait.

Essentially that’s what the $20 is for: to weed out the line so those who really want to be there get in. (Free admission for kids under 10yrs.) It’s basically going to be the same concept as NYCVFF, but with a focus on eco-conscious and environmentally positive lifestyle choices.

NYCVFF was pretty much food and animal and dietary organizations centered. Eating vegan is green, literally. It not only saves animals but cuts down on pollution. Animal derived materials are used for more than just food, though. The GHF will give attendees a chance to see past their plates, to animal-free alternatives to clothing and more, as well as sustainably made products.

And it’s perfect timing! Since you’ll be buying gifts for the upcoming holidays, why not browse the amazing companies at the festival and buy a good gift that’s good for the environment.

I misspoke last night and said that Vaute Couture would be at the festival. That was my wishful thinking. However, a dozen+ amazing businesses and organizations are already confirmed to participate in the event from 10am-5pm on Dec 11th.

The current participants include:

Angell Bar
Big Skinny Wallets
Black Sheep Heap
Catskill Animal Sanctuary
Common Ground Center
Compassion Couture
Dolphin Organics™
Earth Presents
Edward & Sons Trading Co
For The Animals Sanctuary
Gneiss Spice
Green Mountain Energy
Gristle Tattoo
Healthy School Food
Kombucha Brooklyn
Little Green Tees
Mercy For Animals
Moso Natural
Raw Ice Cream Company
Regal Vegan Inc.
Rescue Chocolate
Sacha Vida
Science of Spirituality
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Sweet Cheeks Vegan Bakery
Sweet. by jana
T. Colin Campbell Foundation
The Roving House
The Tea of Life Health
Two Shes Productions
U.S. Veg Corp


And don’t forget the EVENTS!

11:00-11:45    —-     Jared Koch
12:00-12:30   —-    Roberto Negrin
12:45-1:45      —-    Steve Meyerowitz
2:00-3:00      —-    Victoria Moran
3:15-4:00       —-    Chloe Jo Davis

Whispers of NYCVFF Parte Duex

The first NYC Vegetarian Food Festival was amazing…once (if) you got in. Both Lauren of Gnosis and Eddie of Mercy for Animals have mentioned that there will be a second NYCVFF.

However, it turns out there will be two events! The Green Holiday Festival will be held December 11, 2011 and the 2012 NYC Vegetarian Food Festival will be held March 3rd and 4th (yes, two days!). Both are slated to again be held at the infamous Altman Building; the festivals will reportly be in a larger area, though. (We’ll see how that works out.)

A potentially good and rewarding strategy for getting in? Volunteer! These events don’t just come about with the flick of a wand. Either volunteer for the U.S. Veg Corp who puts these events together or find out early on if an organization you heart is going to be at the festival, like Mercy For Animals or Sea Shepherd, and ask if they need volunteers. Get engaged!

NYCVFF Had Food for the Body and Mind

Sandwiched between the good eats and sweet treats at the 1st NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, were a number of organizations. Potentially overlooked between the decadent cupcakes and vegan fast food, groups like these are the backbone of veg*ism; some putting in the long hours to fight through the red tape around sanctioned animal cruelty. Here are just a few paving new roads to the future and fueling our minds.

NY CLASS Horse drawn carriages in NYC were necessary…a hundred years ago. If you feel the mean streets of the city are no place for these creatures, this organization is for you.

Mercy For Animals Battling cruelty to farmed animals by encouraging a vegetarian diet and policy reform.

PETA The machine pumping out information about everything from recipes to undercover investigations.

Sea Shepherd Standing their ground between the whales and the whalers. Watch Whale Wars on Discovery and get on board.

Natural Gourmet Insitute Offering mostly-vegetarian chef training and public classes. Alumni include Alexandra Jamieson and Amanda Cohen, owner of NYC’s Dirt Candy.

Meetup The more we know, the more we grow. So hop on and find veg*n meetups in your area.

In the end, “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” – Dolly Parton.

I want her button!

Random Encounters: Chef Brooke Guthrie

On my way back to Union Square, content, after attending the first ever New York City Vegetarian Food Festival, I spotted a woman carrying a Picari chocolate bag. Out of curiousity, I walked up and asked her if she’d just been to the festival. She said she’d met the nice people at the Picari booth and was sold, then continued on to tell me what she planned to do with the chocolates.

As I talked with Chef Brooke Guthrie, creator of EcoLoveChef, she told me of her plans for opening a cafe and of her her cooking classes. [Note: Chef Brooke will be teaching a class on Gluten-free  vegan foods at the Jewish Community Center this Sunday for $79. Contact her for more details or find her on]

We walked and talked about the best places to go in NYC, the recent winner of CUPCAKE WARS, and the high points of the festival. Chef Brooke pointed out Murray’s on 6th Ave for having the best bagels and offering tofu cream cheese to boot. She actually walked with me to Lifethyme Market to show me the best vegan/vegetarian picks. Her tips: Go for the hot bar…and the desserts. In the mood for a smoothie, they have a smoothie bar. Chef Brook also mention that I could get my main grocery staples at Fairway and that the prices would be close to what I was used to at home outside Philly.

Follow Chef Brook at

Take a Virtual Bite Out of the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

Most of what people talked about in line was the potential for free food. I left stuffed from sampling and some purchases…

Honest Tea: I sampled the low calorie drinks, but I’m really curious about the new CocoaNova drinks.

Loving Hut: Voted as a favorite chain in VegNews Magazine, many were loving their quesadilles and mac and cheese…all vegan of course!

Sweet and Sara: Sara Sohn had out some of the largest samples. The Long Island-based marshmallow maker also brought her Vegan Peeps!

Liz Lovely: Her cookies really are lovely too! She had samples of her Snickerdoodles and German Chocolate Cake, both Vegan AND Gluten-Free. My favorite was the Snickerdoodle; it just fell apart in my mouth but not in a grainy way. You just have to try it to know. Also, I’m loving the Macaroonies Sock-It-To-Me!

Earth Balance: What better way to enjoy your cookies than with a glass of milk. The makers of these delicious soy milks were pouring out the good stuff! But don’t forget they make vegan butter, shortening, and spreads…essential for baking your vegan cupcakes and great for melting on some warm pancakes. One guy wished them success at unthroning SILK! Personally, there’s room in my fridge for both. I tried all three flavors they had available and I’ll say that I love how their unsweetened variety doesn’t taste watered down.

Chicago Soy Dairy: Not only did they have (pretty much) a trough of Dandies Vegan Marshmallows, but they also served up Nachos and Pizza with Teese. So delicious!

Foodswings: This popular restaurant in Brooklyn, New York was a stand out. I must go to the place! I was told it’s a guilty pleasure. When I asked about the sugar used in the cakes and whether there was any issue with bone char being used, humor aside, she just emphasized the words, “Entirely Vegan.” Enough said.

…more to come…


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