In November, a guy friend hinted at how female-centric my Holiday Gift Guide was; I couldn’t disagree. While writing it, I’d tried but I really didn’t know what special veg*n gifts guys might want for the winter holidays. Over time, I realized just how out of touch with my male veg compatriots I likely was.

As I reviewed my personal choices, I wondered if and how the reasons might differ and even about product preferences amongst males. Having a background in Sociology, a survey seemed a very logical route for gaining information from wide variety of participants I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to talk face-to-face with. I’m hoping the chosen platform, Survey Creator, is a successful choice for compiling the data.

My background also meant that I deliberated for more than five months over really minut layout details and wording. With a recent spike in interest specifically focusing on male veg*ns, like the current issue of VegNews Magazine, I don’t think I’m alone in my curiosity.

Special thanks go to my blogger buddy Jake Johnston at PlayWithMyFood. His participation, feedback, and enthusiasm for my little project has been invaluable.

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