Vegan Cuts is an amazing site that coordinates and alerts vegans to special deals relevant to them. Currently they have up their Vegan Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas + Coupon Codes. The codes will be good through February 14th.

Even if you turn up your nose at this holiday, don’t turn your back on these deals. Co-opt the mainstream notion of the holiday and love yourself…and spread the love to friends and family.

For the ladies, get the code for 10% off PRITI NYC nail polish. OPI and ESSIE, can’t hold a candle to PRITI.

For your gents, who normally take a quick shower, lull them in for a little scrub a dub dub with Enfusia bubble bath in scents like “Let’s Get Naked.” Get the code for 30% off.

For Fido, who loves you so, get the 20% of code for Boston Baked Bonz.

For all and for the everyday, get the codes for Karmavore Vegan Shop and Vegan Essentials.