Visited 01/07/2012

This joint was a bit out of the way for my friend and myself, but I used outreach duties to justify the trek. A justification won’t be necessary next time, except for just wanting a place to chill with friend(s).


It’s actually the Frankenstein place I’ve been waiting for. There is the vegan-owned bar in Brooklyn, Pine Box Rock Shop, which you can drink at but there isn’t too much variety with food options. Then there are places like B.A.D. Burger and Foodswings where you can get veg*n comfort food. Kate’s Joints marries the two.


We just happened to stop by during Happy Hour, which I thought was a weekday thing, but apparently not. A couple of drinks and a bowl of vegan French Onion soup and I was a happy lady. The only downside is that I’m still scratching my head over the menu’s wording regarding the “vegan” cheese.


I actually thought, ‘Hmm, C.J. might like this place.’ While I try to find inclusive restaurants that have meat and consciously made veg*n food (ie B.A.D.), this all-veg dinner/bar has a little extra I think my non-veg sis can appreciate…maybe it’s the PBR…LOL.

Be sure to check in on Foursquare…wink.

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