Few can resist the allure of pizza. It’s a comfort food (carbs) great for social gatherings (easy for sharing…if you must).

Living in NYC and Philly, I’m lucky enough to be able to simply hop a train to really good vegan pizza (Vinnie’s or Blackbird are my taste). (If you have a favorite joint serving the v stuff, shout out below! Sharing is caring.)

For all you DIYers, with your fresh made (or store bought), hand tossed dough…well good for you. Sometimes you just want a two step: open box and shove in hot oven.

For those in suburban areas, Domino’s is an option, but an incomplete one. You can doctor it up yourself…but that’s an extra step…that ends up making that $5 pizza cost you more anyway.

The makers of Tofurky understand. They offer three varieties of frozen pizza: cheese, pepperoni, and supreme style.

To each their own. For me, the Italian sausage and fire roasted veggie was, well, supreme.

Like Goldilocks and her bowls of porridge, my pans of pizza were too this or too that…too much vegan cheese or too much vegan faux meat. The Italian Sausage and Fire Roasted Veggies had the best mix.

In general, all three heat up with a crispy crust and a nice layer of sauce.