So, after seeing Jake Johnston’s Vegan Potato Skin recipe on Play With My Food, I decided to invest in a big ole’ bag of potatoes. However, by the time I got around to making them, I’d used up some of the ingredients I’d purchased. So, I sort of just did my own little twist.

  • Medium Potatoes (Make sure to clean you potatoes really well. I used medium potatoes, but I’m planning a do-over. Smaller ones will cook faster. If you do go with medium potatoes, extend the cook time; don’t rush these.)
  • Vegan Butter (I used Earth Balance. My vegan butter was in the place of the original recipe’s vegetable oil cause I thought the butter would blend better with the ingredients I was going to use.)
  • Hot Sauce (After the potatoes had been baking for at least 30 minutes, I spread the sauce over the tops to let it soak in.)
  • Vegetarian Chili (I used Health Valley Organic brand, which doesn’t seem to have any ingredients that would be problematic to vegans, but any chili will do.)
  • Fried Diced Onions (I fried these up while I waited and sprinkled them on top, before I added the cheese.)
  • Daiya Cheddar Shreds (Once I piled everything on top, I sprinkled these on top and put them back in the oven to melt.)
  • Tofutti Sour Cream (I really want to try Jake’s recipe in the future! I just have to not eat all the cashews.)