So, it’s just before 2am here on the East Coast and I just rolled in from work…late nights at the office…I can sleep when I’m need…I guess. Anyway, sometime around 7pm I had the thought that maybe I should feed myself and, yeah, just never happened. Making a beeline for the fridge, my one thought was how I wished I’d gotten a chance to head to Whole Foods to pick up a pack of vegan cheese slices.

I don’t know about you but, growing up eating meat, easy as pie was it to through some deli meat and cheese slices and mustard on to some bread. My mom always kept the cold cuts in stock…of course, she did work as a bookkeeper at a grocery store. Easy access. My dad always wanted them too. I remember him toasting up his bread. Funny how memories can be so tied to certain foods, like the holidays. Wow!

Anyway, all I wanted was to just toss myself together a sandwich but the thought of two pieces of bread and just some Lightlife Smart Deli Roasted Turkey Deli Slices wasn’t really spicing up my life. I really need to examine my fridge though. As I bent down to riffle through, there they were. An unopened pack of Galaxy Foods International Vegan Mozzarella slices. If my life was a movie, in the vain of Scott Pilgrim, the little plastic package would have had a glowing aura around it.

I like to pop my sandwich in the microwave for about 15 to 30 seconds (not too long, so you don’t make the bread tough), just to get the cheese a little melty.

Some people don’t like the idea of eating mock meat. I admit, it’s weird sometimes. Especially considering how close some manufacturers are getting these; I worry a really crappy joke might be getting played on me. Sometimes, though, it’s just the strangest comfort to do something the same as it always was…only different.