Got myself a scoop of the popular Cinnamon Vanilla!

Should we stay or should we go now?

The first ever NYC Vegetarian Food Festival had a room full of vendors and many were dishing out the samples! From Sweet & Sara to Gnosis Chocolates, the tasty treats were everywhere…but that was only if you got in. The line for the event ran around three-fourths of the block.

After waiting in line for hours, many people had to make the decision of whether the potential wait and what waited for them was worth their time. As the building owner came around, stern-faced, calling out that everything was being shut down and that no one else was getting in, some wills faltered and the line thinned. I have to admit, even my feet did a bit of a stutter step. As the owner came back by shouting, ‘Why are you all still waiting? What are you waiting for?’ I planted my feet; I’m pretty stubborn. I’d already waited 2 hours, I had to know what was inside; I wasn’t leaving until I got in or cops dispersed us.

Taking pictures of you's a blogger thing.

Some tagged teamed it; one would save their place in line, while the other went to get food or use the bathroom. The Cinnamon Snail food cart was outside the entrance of The Altman Building. (Note: if you went to the festival but didn’t get the chance to try it or you missed the festival altogether, you get a second chance to try The Cinnamon Snail next weekend at the Food Cart Festival in Hell’s Kitchen.)

This father/daughter duo waited nearly two hours before they called it quits.

Many (legitimately) complained about how disorganized the event was. One man contemplated why they didn’t have the event outside. As I considered a possible location, my same thoughts were voiced by another young woman, ‘Why not Union Square?’ The square is spacious and already has other vendors, why not increase the foot traffic by hosting the festival there. However, we’re to prevued to the reasonings behind this inaugural festival’s location. The location will change next year cause there is probably no way The Altman Building will want the return business. While Union Square may seem a great idea in theory, the logistics of permits and weather are things not really considered after waiting hungry and chilled in line for hours.

Savory fuel for the long wait.

After waiting 3 hours in line, I was running on empty until Danny from The V Spot came around with his egg crate full of yummy empanadas. I happily handed over $3 for a delicious Philly Cheesesteak empanada, which fueled me for the the last of my wait. Not everyone I talked to while I’d waited made it to the proverbial “finish line.”

…Stay tuned for more…